• Freedom and Fairness

    An Integral Diversity Workshop

    In this workshop we meet each other directly and compassionately.

    Our very encounter is the curriculum.


    We invite participants that are open to expanding and shifting their points of view and deepening their capacity to care for one another

    through facilitated inter-group experiences.


    In this space all points of view, all emotions, all backgrounds, and all orientations are welcome and, indeed, necessary for us to learn

    how to co-create and embody a culture of

    Freedom and Fairness.


    We were made for these times.



    Diversity work is a radical call to embrace difference. It means challenging our conditioned patterns, biased views, and unjust practices.


    This workshop aims to free us to care more deeply for each other and to discover new and dynamic collaborations.

    • Legislation and policies are necessary, but not sufficient, because they only regulate bigotry, injustice, and oppression.
    • For long term, positive change we must include inner transformation.
    • Deeply honest, direct, and sometimes painful conversations are a key in this inner transformation, both personally and collectively.

    Join us for a new and unique offering to the field of diversity work.


    Our Freedom and Fairness workshop brings a unique approach to personal and cultural development by combining four domains of knowledge and practice:

    • Integral Theory
    • Mindfulness Practice
    • Adult Developmental Psychology
    • Communication Skills and Techniques

    Our trainings are highly experiential and engage the group in dialogues and exercises intended to awaken understanding of identity politics, emotional and relational intelligence, fear and unconscious biases, and embodied presence.


    This experience is complemented with live demonstrations and unique “pointing out” instructions, making the subtle group dynamics more visible to everyone. Like a sports team reviewing the last play on the sidelines, you will have the opportunity to freeze frame and zoom in and out on the play-by-play.

    Join Gabriel Wilson and Diane Musho Hamilton for a two and half day diversity workshop for anyone interested in creating cultures of freedom, fairness, and psychological safety.

  • Praise for Freedom and Fairness

    Adam Leonard

    Executive Development, Google

    "This workshop was the most powerful D&I experience I have ever had. Gabe, Diane, and the extended staff did a terrific job holding and cultivating an unpredictable space and created the conditions for a truly remarkable outcome. It deeply touched my heart and expanded my perspectives. I highly recommend this workshop for those who authentically care about diversity and want to dive deep into the conversations that matter most."


    Ahmad Wright

    Assistant Dean and Associate Director of BEAM, Stanford Career Education

    "I would recommend Freedom and Fairness to people because the workshop truly delivers on its promise of altering your perspective. The possibility of reaching across the barrier that divides us had not been possible in my lifetime before this workshop."

    Lindley Mease

    Co-Founder, Blueheart

    "Our journey towards racial justice is an 'everything and' kind of path. It requires political education and jostling conversation and direct action. Yet, to create the types of humans that can create and LIVE in a more just and equal world, we must transform our inner worlds. The Freedom and Fairness workshop is one of the few spaces where this type of transformation occurs."

    Briene Lermitte

    Producer, Maku

    "Because not a day has passed that I haven't been impacted by our discussion. I needed to wake up, so I'd recommend it to anyone else who is willing to be in this conversation. It's the most important work."

    Krista Schnell

    PhD student, UC Berkeley

    "The Freedom and Fairness workshop was by far the most progressive discussion of race I've ever been in."

    Matthew Abrams

    Consultan & Founder, Mycelium

    "This workshop compassionately and firmly invited folks to show up, go within themselves, acknowledge blinders, and to change their world views in ways that were attuned to new internal and social insights."

    Roshanda Cummings

    Community Catalyst, Impact Hub Oakland

    The Freedom & Fairness workshop was unlike any experience around race and equality I've ever had... Freedom & Fairness had the power to encourage everyone in the room to be an agent of new resolutions, while being courageous enough to help the room get real about deep-seated beliefs, in the spirit of mutual support.

  • Your Guides

    Gabriel Wilson

    Gabe is a talented facilitator and educator skilled at working with difficult issues, diverse perspectives, and across generational boundaries. His interpersonal depth is matched only by his integrity and open-heartedness. He was a lecturer at Stanford University, where he taught and facilitated a personal development course, Designing Your Life, that applied design thinking to students' personal and vocational development.


    A Certified Integral Facilitator, Gabe is the Director of the Integral Diversity Initiative, a practice-think tank exploring the application of integral theory and facilitation to the territory of diversity. With clarity and compassion he invites us to experience our interconnectedness through the truths of our differences. He grew up in the U.S. and Brazil and is currently based in the Bay Area.

    Diane Musho Hamilton

    Diane is a uniquely gifted, playful, and awake group facilitator, consultant and teacher of Integral Spirituality and Zen. Diane is well known as an innovator in facilitating group dialogues, especially conversations about culture, religion, race and gender relations. She was the first Director of the Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Utah Judiciary, where she established mediation programs throughout the court system. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards for her work in this area, including the Peter W. Billings Award and the UCCR Peacekeeper Award.


    With extraordinary depth and insight, Diane encourages us to consciously evolve beyond old and limited ideas of who we are so that we might discover our own unique expression of wisdom and of compassion in this time. She is the author of Everything is Workable, published by Shambhala Press, and the co-founder of the Integral Facilitator program at Ten Directions.



  • Workshop Staff

    Maria Bailey

    Maria Bailey is an experienced facilitator well-versed in cross-cultural and diversity issues and drawn to finding the emotional heart in all situations. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela with 20+ years immigrating to numerous countries in Europe, Australia, South Africa, and North America, she brings a wide range of skills to her vocation. A certified Integral Facilitator, Maria is experienced in NVC, Matrix group dynamics, T-group, authentic relating practices and acting/improv theater. She lives in Boulder, CO, practicing abstract painting, leading groups at The Integral Center of Boulder, and serving the community as a facilitator in Restorative Justice practices.

    Igor Limansky

    Igor has worked for the last 10 years as a community organizer, from organizing the poetry, music and art collective as co-founder of the RUCKUS, to working on President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign as the Utah State Director.


    As a first-generation American and son of an Egyptian mother and a French father, Igor's work has been personally motivated to organize communities that celebrate cultural diversity and build power in underrepresented communities. His work is based on traditional community organizing techniques of personal narrative and cutting-edge studies on how to talk to people about some of the most divisive of issues through deep canvass.

    Kimberly Loh

    Kim's been curious and passionate about conflict resolution and peace building since an early age.

    Now, as a mediator and lawyer, she seeks to navigate the intersections of peacekeeping, social justice and international law. Her work has involved international bodies and organizations including the United Nations and Mediators Beyond Borders.


    Kim’s bi-cultural upbringing has deeply shaped her sense of self, giving her the intuition of a unity through diversity. This intuition has fueled her interest in how our narratives co-create the pain, healing and peace building capacities in our relationships.


    Her soul motivation is to develop intergroup dynamic techniques to diffuse violence and support healthy co-existence.

    Bobby Lyle

    Bobby is a facilitator, coach and wellness consultant. As an integral facilitator and body-awareness genius (multi-modal body worker, Gyrotonic Instructore, and NLP master practitioner) he brings a rare depth of cultural humility and kinesthetic intelligence to intergroup dynamics. His relaxed and natural way of being makes his work accessible and relatable, and supports others in exploring diverse and contrasting perspectives while staying invested and engaged.


    Bobby’s work is fueled by his passion to help people embrace their potential and be their fullest selves. He has lived and worked throughout America, Europe and Asia. He is currently based in Eden, Utah and works with Summit Series as a coach and cultural adviser.


    Rob McNamara

    Rob McNamara brings piercing clarity to human psychology, which is only matched by his deep compassion and commitment to our human development.


    McNamara is the author of The Elegant Self and Strength to Awaken. He is a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University and a faculty member and coach for the Integral Facilitator program at Ten Directions. As a leading expert on adult development, human performance, and mindfulness practice his coaching services help individuals increase their scope of influence where it matters most personally and professionally.

  • What You Will Receive

    You Will Practice:

    • Generating psychological safety.
    • Listening and responding spontaneously. 
    • Relating to challenging emotions. 
    • Integrating multiple perspectives as they arise. 
    • Working with power dynamics.
    • Creative interpersonal risk taking. 
    • Working with fear and unconscious bias.
    • Maintaining stable mindful awareness. 
    • Perceiving and responding to subtle dimensions of group process. 

    You Will Take-away:

    Optimism and confidence in diversity work.

    • The impact integral theory can have on cultural development.
    • The importance of mindfulness in intergroup dynamics.
    • Your personal growth edge and practices to engage it.
    • Sequencing working with emotions, integrating perspectives, and engaging in decision making/agreements for the groups you work with.
  • Words of Praise for Diane and Gabriel

    Marcelo Cardoso

    CEO, Meta Integral Associates

    Diane is a gifted and profound facilitator. Just to be in her field is healing. Her capacity to lead a group is very gentle, and yet she is able to bring out broad perspectives from Big Mind to Deep Shadow. Her work is very transformative.

    Marissa Moore

    Senior Finance Executive, South Africa


    Diane has been an inspiration for me in the way that she facilitates the collective space through difficult discussions, and at the same time teaches the meta process so that I can learn it and apply it to specific situations in my life. That is done with wonderful mastery.”


    (Praise for Diane's Integral Facilitator & Next Stage Facilitation Program)



    Jane Hustins

    Partner, Fire Inside Leadership, Inc.

    Diane has opened up a mind blowing number of choices and perspectives for better working with the the groups that I work with, and being able to serve and be present for what they need and want to shift.


    (Praise for Diane's Integral Facilitator & Next Stage Facilitation Program)

    Ahmad Wright

    Assistant Dean and Associate Director of BEAM, Stanford Career Education

    "Gabriel is a master of instilling courage in the participants during the most difficult of moments through his unique facilitation style. Gabriel's presence, pursuit of progress and fearlessness is what makes this transformative work possible."

    Annika Alexander-Ozinskas

    Outdoor Education 

    Chewonki Institute

    "Gabriel facilitates with a beautiful balance of piercing clarity and soft compassion. I feel safe to move into discomfort with him, and excited about the new worlds to which my mind is being opened through our dialogues and activities."

    Matthew Abrams

    Consultant and Founder of Mycelium

    "Gabriel is adept at holding a collective intention while astutely "tuning in" to both individual and collective needs. He does this with authenticity, grace and compassion. His ability to "hold the space" was one of the factors that allowed me to be present and engage."

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  • Freedom and Fairness

    An Integral Diversity Workshop